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A group of researchers from Korea University apparently believes it can, considering they discovered a means to make it happen

They recently published a study inside the Journal of Sexual Medicine that analyzed how injections of your acid hyaluronic filler (Restylane Sub-Q) could increase penile girth. These physicians injected around 20.5 cc (about two-thirds of a medicine cup) using “a back-and-forth technique” in to the deep soft tissue layers from the penises of 50 men. The product was then ‘homogenized having a roller.

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men’s penises had an average rise in circumference (girth) of four years old cm, which was maintained Eighteen months later. They also assessed the sufferer and partner’s satisfaction with all the treatment and found an average score of three.3 (rated from 0-4) at 18 months. Seems like a pleasant result, right? Keep in your mind these patients underwent injections to their penises with relatively hefty needles. Ouch.

So what exactly is the average, less-endowed man to create of the?
So far, methods to enhance penile size are already ineffective at best and extremely invasive at worst. There is really a plethora of creams, pills, and vacuum devices that promises to enlarge the penis, although almost no scientific evidence is accessible to aid these claims. More impressive results can be obtained by invasive surgeries.

These procedures are not for the squeamish, however. One surgery to widen the penis involves cutting it open and implanting radiated cadaver skin across the central shaft. Think this can be extreme? Some doctors lengthen your penis by cutting the suspensory ligament after which attaching a weight for the end of the penis daily. For six months. (Do not try this at home.)

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So, considering these invasive surgeries, using a needle to inject filler to the penis doesn’t sound quite so bad. Still, what would I recommend like a board-certified plastic surgeon to anyone who wants to make their manhood appear larger?

There's one way that most men can utilize to accomplish this goal. This treatment involves no risks, no unwanted effects, no needles, no knives.

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